(Born 1977, Milan - lives and works in Italy)

Metamorfosi 2024, graphite, pastel, painted ceramic frame, 40 x 30 cm

L'essere in trasformazione 2024, painted ceramic, 28 x 45,5 cm

There’d be a break in the clouds 2023, glazed polychrome ceramic, 45 x Ø25 cm

Being seen by the nature 2023, glazed polychrome ceramic, 50 x Ø25 cm

The organs del paesaggio 2023, tempera, acrylic, spray paint on cotton, 290 x 160 cm

The upside down roots 2023, glazed polychrome ceramic, 50 x Ø25 cm

Trying to meditate 2022, painted ceramic 45 x Ø35 cm

The light of the night 2022, glazed ceramic, 38 x 28 cm

The shade of the moon 2022, glazed polychrome ceramic, 46 x Ø35 cm 

Il respiro of the trees 2021, tempera, acrilic on fabric, glazed polychrome ceramic, 260 x 104 cm

The skin of the paesaggio 2021, glazed polychrome ceramic, 56 x Ø25 cm

My head inside the nature 2019, glazed polychrome ceramic,  50 x Ø30 cm

My head inside the Nature 2019, glazed polychrome ceramic, 50 x Ø30 cm

Untitled 2017, semi-refractory glazed ceramic, 56,5 x 34,5 cm

My head inside the Nature 2019, semi-refractory glazed ceramic, 25 x Ø30 cm