Joseph Montgomery (born 1979, Northampton, MA, USA - lives and works in New York, NY)

Image Three Hundred Sixty Six 2016, pigment transfer, oil, acrylic, pastel, linen, paper, fiberglass, felt and rubber on canvas, 51x41x13 cm

Image Four Hundred Thirty Nine 2017, oil, acrylic, foam, plastic, vegetation, linen, paper, pastel, ink, felt and pigment transfer, 51x41x8 cm

Image Four Hundred Sixteen 2017, acrylic pigment transfer on canvas, 46x35.5 cm

Image Four Hundred Fifteen 2017, pigment transfer on linen, 40x30.5 cm

Image Four Hundred Nineteen 2017, acrylic, sandpaper and pigment transfer on canvas, 61x46 cm